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Friday, August 26, 2005

Things That Tick Me Off, Pt. II

Here's part of what Insider Online had to say about the search for Olivia Newton-John's missing boyfriend Patrick McDermott (as much as I can stomach, anyway)...

With authorities still baffled over what happened to McDermott, "The Insider" contacted LINDA and TERRY JAMISON -- The Psychic Twins -- for their psychic opinions. "There's no dead body here. I don't sense death here," say the twins. "We feel that he may have faked his disappearance."
The twins say they started getting readings almost immediately after standing on the dock where McDermott's boat launched. "We don't feel he's in the country right now. We feel that he will be coming back to the U.S.," Linda and Terry point out, adding, "It's hard to say whether it's within the next six weeks to two months, but it's around there."

And from the TV show: "The Psychic Twins could being a stunning break in the case. (They) may be able to do what cops can't..."

I ask ya: Is there anything lower than a couple of "psychic" con artists who would freely exploit the heartache of people grieving over missing (and likely deceased) loved ones?

How about TV shows giving these ghouls a ringing endorsement?



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