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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

What I Did On Vacation

Sat and waited an extra hour for our flight out of Bismarck, wondered aloud why any airline would call itself NWA, flew over the I-35 Bridge in Minneapolis, sat in traffic on I-95 south of Philly, got disillusioned with the beach (see previous posting), bought a doggie bed for my father's Labrador, went to the Philly zoo (where my wife rode a camel), hit a couple of family cookouts, attended a wine-tasting in Pennsylvania, visited the new Wilmington, DE Clear Channel studios, indulged in some tax-free shopping, took in a couple of movies, drank a lot of wine, bought my wife bagels & lox (while I downed Taylor Pork Roll), tried unsucessfully to catch up on my reading...

...and grew a goatee. My wife loves it. I don't like the itch. Stay tuned for further developments...


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