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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

No Static (or Future) At All

I'm increasingly convinced that non-political lifestyle talk (in all its possible variations) ain't gonna happen.

Not that there isn't a market for it - Gawd knows we could use some fresh programming on the airwaves now more than ever - but it seems to me that the industry has dropped the ball on developing any alternative to the same ol' same ol' (it's mostly a matter of very bad timing; the beginning of FM Talk came right about the time of consolidation, when the bottom fell out of everything).

Bottom line: the suits are less inclined than ever to take a risk. With a handful of notable exceptions, FM Talk (i.e. anything other than totally predictable "angry white conservative" talk) is stillborn (at least outside of morning drive).

I'd love nothing better than to be proven wrong on this. Bueller? Anyone...?


  • A FUTURE???
    A FUTURE???

    I wish non-politcal talk had A PRESENT!!!


    By Anonymous Holland Cooke, at 6:10 AM  

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