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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The Wind Is Rising

CBS News has announced a spate of layoffs at several of its affiliates across the nation.

It’s really shouldn’t be that shocking a story. As TV News continues its slippery slide into irrelevance, it continues to shoot itself in the hoof.

(Don’t misunderstand me. Ms. Couric is not the problem; neither is “political bias,” to the extent that it exists. Those issues are symptoms. Incidentally, note how it's damn near impossible to find any information about news programming on the network's website)

Something similar is happening with talk radio, a medium that should be red-hot right now (it ain’t, despite what the puff piece publications may say). While the entire country simmers with palpable anger at every authority figure from the president on down to the local dogcatcher, “Squawk radio” continues to drop the ball with political wonk crap and totally predictable talking points.

The vultures are circling, folks.

Meanwhile, at out-of-the-way radio stations (like this one) and off-the-beaten-track websites (like this one), you can hear and see the last truly original “star” personalities…

…or the first of their return…?


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