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Friday, April 08, 2005

Saga Of A Cheap-Shot Artist

Peter Jennings has lung cancer. I'm sure you join me in wishing him well.

Funny thing, though - L. Brent Bozell apparently isn't among the well-wishers.

Bozell, the self-anointed "Media Watchdog," runs something called the Media Research Center, a group that critiques the so-called Mainstream Media from a far-right perspective. He's also the bluenose who along with half a dozen supporters has repeatedly made a national stink about "indecency" on television; he's like the guy radio comedian Gary Burbank once described, who thought the exclamation "golly" was somehow in violation of the Second Commandment (I'm using the Roman Catholic version, since that's what I learned as a boy from my Baltimore Catechism).

So what, you may ask. Well, I just find it funny that for a guy who usually jumps out of the woodwork to scream "liberal bias" everytime some anchorman sneezes, Bozell hasn't had a word to say about Jennings. If he has, I'm damned if I can find it on his site.

You'd think he would join folks like Rush and Neal Boortz (both outspoken media critics) in offering Jennings get-well wishes. It would be the classy thing to do.

But then again Rush and Boortz are class acts. Bozell is a bully, a vile, petty little man who makes his living kicking at the ankles of people who have accomplished far more than he ever will.

And no, I'm not gonna do anything tacky here, like hoping he gets lung cancer himself. That's because I don't believe in kicking someone when they're down. That would be, what's the word, oh yes...indecent...


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