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Friday, June 03, 2005

Don't Holler Back, Girl

I hate to sound like some old fart who can't appreciate the younger generation, but will somebody please explain the Gwen Stefani thing to me?

I realize I'm not exactly part of her target demographic, but reeeeaaaaaaly...

I caught her tonight on the Kimmel show, and was not impressed. Catchy tune, some cutesy cheerleader choreography (a la Toni Basil's Mickey but nowhere near as inventive), a lot of posturing and attitude, and that's...about...it.

There are some current (or recurrent) acts I like: Alicia Keys is sexy and can actually sing a little. I really liked Norah Jones from a couple of years back. Joss Stone does the retro-soul thing fairly convincingly. I also like bands like Coldplay and Green Day.

Hell, I even think Eminem has his moments.

But Stefani eludes me. She's like the musical version of the old joke about Oakland: there's no there there!

And the remake of It's My Life sucked...OK?

Oh well...at least she ain't Pink. Whatever happened to her, anyway?


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