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Friday, September 16, 2005

Credit Where It's Due, Dept.

A guy I don't like says a few things I do like:

Tancredo Issues Statement on President’s Katrina Request
Congressman Says Offsets, Cost-Savings Must Be Included

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Tom Tancredo (R-CO) issued the following statement regarding the President’s budget request for Katrina Hurricane relief:

With a disaster this size, no program is sacrosanct, no cost-cutting is off the table. What Americans know is that we in Congress—like them—need to balance our budget. We need to take a long look at reducing farm subsidies, at hacking pork barrel projects, even at across-the-board cuts.”

I am sorry that I cannot agree with my colleague Leader Delay who said we're running a lean government. Republicans weren’t put in office to be satisfied with the size of our government. If there's any of our '94 fervor left, we’ll do better.”

A few proposals that we should consider are:

Require the Interior Department to sell 10% of all federal land

Eliminate the billions of dollars of corporate farm subsidies

Postpone rolling out the Medicare prescription drug plan

Means-test Social Security and Medicare prescription drug benefits

$200 billion is half of all discretionary, non-defense spending. Conservatives have to come up with creative cuts in government, or liberals will raise our taxes or indebt our great grandkids with their massive spending.”

This has been a horrific natural disaster that has torn apart a large portion of our country and took many lives. But in this disaster, we have a God-given opportunity to finally, permanently reduce the size of government.

Well said, Tom. Now, if you would just get your head out your ass on the immigration issue...


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