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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

None Of The Above

As Boobous Americanus beats a path lemminglike to the polls, I sit back and offer this delightful piece from the folks at the Cato Institute...


  • Jim
    I think the act of voting can arguably be said to provide a much needed psychological hedge against helplessness. For me, even when the guys I vote for don't win, (they did this time), the sense of having participated, however symbolic it may be, is not without its existential merit...especially in the wake of the war, and "Katrina", and gas prices... well, I could go on, couldn't I? Will my vote change anything in the long (or even the short) run? Probably not, given politics and human nature. However, I did have the glorious feeling of sticking my thumb in Mr. Bush's eye for a minute and they can't pin me to the ground or throw me in jail...not yet anyway.

    By Anonymous Bill, at 4:06 AM  

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