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Friday, May 02, 2008

Wanted: More Believers

In today's edition of his daily newsletter, my old friend Tom Taylor has some comments about the state of the radio industry. I offer them here as an addendum to my own comments from yesterday:

Two experienced radio guys I’ve talked with in the past week are actually rooting for “the bottom to fall out” of station prices. As one put it – “a real nuclear event that would shake up this industry, chase out the owners who aren’t radio people, and give real operators a chance at buying stations at reasonable prices.” This line of thinking says that bumping along the way we are now, radio will just keep cutting past the bone, eventually leading stations past the point of no return. Though one of these guys later says “I do believe that the good industries do come back, and I think radio’s one of them. I just think we need to get some stations back in the hands of the right owners.” And find more believers.

Hear, hear...


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