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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Go Speed Racer, Go

All I need to know about succeeding in business I learned from watching Speed Racer (no, this is not a movie plug)…

Every day I’m increasingly convinced we’re heading into a depression. Not recession, depression.

Don’t misunderstand me – this is not about doom and gloom. (You might wanna take a moment here and check the technical definition of “depression.”). Au contraire, even in the worst of economic times (and I don’t believe it’s gonna get that bad), there are fortunes to be made by those who can stay cool-headed and figure out how to sell people what they want.

Steve Jobs is one example of someone who has opted not to participate in the current economic downturn.

In radio, it would be someone like Jerry Lee, owner of the number one station in The Big Scrapple – and a businessman who is not afraid to spend a buck to make a buck.

Look, it’s not my style to be one of those positive-thinking motivational assholes. But there’s too much at stake here. We need more folks to grab the reins – regardless of the economic “situation.”

So…what’s the Speed Racer tie-in?

“Dream big…drive fast…and don’t look back…”


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