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Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Best and the Worst

Scanning the AM dial this week (against the advice of loved ones who for some reason are concerned about my blood pressure) I came across examples of the best - and the worst - in 2008 spoken-word radio.

First (naturally) the worst: a well-known syndicated "host" (who I won't mention by name) took a call from a very scary female who rattled off a list of celebrities she is "boycotting" because of their real or imagined politcal bias. Naturally, the host proceeded to pull out his own little list...

Now, one of the best: my pal Jon Grayson, from St. Louis. Thursday night I caught about an hour of Jon's show: one slam-bang interview after another, tons of energy and momentum, and not a political geek within a light year of the show. (Check out Jon's show here.)

Thanks Jon...you made my week...


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