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Thursday, March 17, 2005

The Crucible

"I am not going to answer that question, Congressman Waxman, because I do not recognize the legitimacy of this proceedings."

Why doesn't someone say that? McGwire came the closest but even he hedged when it got thick.

"This is a witchhunt."

Are people just too scared of the government?

"Senator Bunning, have you no shame?"

Is it that the current generation of adults just doesn't place a premium on civil liberties?

"This, gentlemen, is a matter for Major League Baseball, and is none of your concern."

Tonight on "Nightline" Sweetie-Pie Stephanopolus and a panel of media bootlickers bounced the issue around the table and NOT ONE OF THEM seemed to have a problem with the Guv'mint horning in on this (my favorite was the one asshole who said, "well, I'm a libertarian, but..." No, shithead - you're not.) . It was all about what MLB should do, what the government should do, but everyone, to a man, implicity accepted the premise that Messers. Waxman, et al had every right to do what they're doing.
Not me.

I don't accept it for one minute.

Congressman Waxman, Senators Bunning and McCain, Mr. Serrano, and all the rest of you, as far as I'm concerned you're no better than a pack of Mafia extortionists.

You're all a bunch of thugs.

You go to hell.

And shame on you, MLB, for wimping out. When faced with the demands of a bully, you have two choices: you can back down or you can stand up for yourself. When you stand up for yourself sometimes you get your ass kicked. But at least you can walk - or crawl - away with your dignity intact.

A lot of people talk about whether athletes should be role models. Well, I don't know about you but my heroes are the people who stick up for themselves, warts and all, and refuse to take crap from bullies.

Where are the real heroes?


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