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Friday, March 11, 2005

Where's That Drunken Commie When We Need Him?

So Congress has taken it upon itself to shake down MLB on the steroid issue.

And when MLB dared to question the legitimacy of this little witch hunt, Messrs. Waxman, et. al. responded with a pissy little lecture that said, in effect, we do it because we can.

I can't help think of how Dalton Trumbo might have handled it.

Don't get me wrong: Trumbo was probably every bit the Communist his accusers painted him out to be. He was also a first-class lush. But he had guts, and as Gunny Hartman would say, "Guts is enough."

When HUAC put it to him, Trumbo, in effect, told them to go jump up something sideways.
He went to jail. He lost a lot of work. But he stood up to the government bullies.

So when is somebody - anybody - going to take a cue from that wacky Hollywood Ten and tell assholes like McCain, Waxman, etc. to "go fuck yourselves"?

I won't hold my breath waiting...


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