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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Take Me Out To The- Aw, The Hell With It...

Another blow for hard-hitting journalism tonight on ABC.

No, not really.

Tonight on Nightline it was a puff piece about the return of baseball to the nation's capital. We got to see George W tossing out the opening pitch along with assorted politicos and media-types flashing manure-eating grins from their season seats and no doubt congratulating each other over the sweet, sweet scam they put over on the local taxpayers.

Oh yeah, what about the working stiffs of the District who paid for this white elephant with their hard-earned tax dollars? How many of them can afford season tickets? Funny, George Streptococcus and Co. never got around to asking.

I did get to enjoy watching Gorgeous George lobbing softballs (sorry, I couldn't resist) at that principled guardian of all things decent, Senator John McCain. My favorite moment was McCain, looking even dorkier than usual in his Diamondbacks hat, insisting "I'm a small-government guy, but..." as a preface to his latest diatribe against the scourge of steroid-fueled athletics.

Oh, and the Nationals won. They're in first place. A Washington baseball team. Winning. Now, that just goes against nature...


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