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Saturday, July 23, 2005

"Selective" Service?

The Pentagon, concerned about the drop in enlistments, is asking Congress to raise the maximum enlistee age to 42.

Think about that. If they ever decide to restore the draft (and don't laugh, there are plenty of people - mostly non-military - who would love to see it happen), they could getcha right up to the age Elvis died.

The military turns away vets like a friend of mine, a retired Marine in his mid-fifties, who in the wake of 9/11 offered to share his years of study and experience in fighting both guerrilla warfare and Islamic extremism (he served in both 'Nam and Lebanon). "No thanks," they said. "You're too old."

Yet they want to be able to draft unwilling 42 year-olds.

Government logic, ya gotta love it.


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