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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Throwing Down The Gauntlet

Today on O'Reilly, conserva-clown Ann Coulter took a cheap shot at New York, saying they probably would contribute nothing to the hurricane relief effort.
Forget about Coulter. She's just a publicity whore; her opinions are about as substantial as that of your average professional wrestler, and calculated for the same effect.
But...if I were a talk host at, say, WABC, I'd jump all over Coulter's comments like a dog on a Dreamcicle: "Hey, fellow New Yorkers...did you hear what that beeyotch said about us? C'moon, let's show her," etc.
That would be great radio. That is what should happen. Of course what will happen is that no one at WABC will touch it.
Because Coulter is conservative and Republican, and you don't attack a fellow traveler. And most talk hosts are more interested in advancing an agenda than creating entertaining, compelling radio.
Go ahead guys, prove me wrong...


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