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Friday, October 14, 2005

Paging H.L. Mencken...

From the Kansas City Star:

Against the backdrop of the evolution debate, Kansas and the Kansas City area are trying to transform themselves into hot hubs of biotechnology.
But backers of those efforts say they are struggling to counter outsiders’ perceptions influenced by the recent attacks on evolution.
“I have no doubt that it has a negative impact,” said James L. Spigarelli, president and chief executive officer of the Midwest Research Institute in Kansas City. “When I go to national meetings, people start to buzz about Kansas and ‘intelligent design.’ When people begin to laugh at you, that is worse than if they disagree with you, and that is what is beginning to happen.”

Sad thing is, it’s the legitimate centers of science and learning who may suffer due to the very vocal pronouncements of the “intelligent design” ignorami.

Inherit the wind, indeed…