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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Flappin' In The Breeze

A teacher in Colorado was placed on leave for displaying flags of China and Mexico in his classroom. He teaches World Geography. The flags are reference tools. (UPDATE: He's been reinstated. Conditionally... )

The teacher “wonders if he would have caused such a stir if he had put up flags of Switzerland or Australia instead of Mexico.”

Good point. But then what do you expect from a state that puts a horse’s ass like Tom Tancredo in Congress? I notice, by the way, that KOA (the Denver-area wingnut station) has absolutely nothing on the story on their website. (At least not yet…but why not? Guess they're too busy lobbing softballs at Ann Coulter to make room for a compelling local story...)

He should've hung up a Confederate flag; then the knuckle-draggers would be lining up to defend the poor bastard as a victim of "political correctness"...


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