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Saturday, August 19, 2006

How Hollywood REALLY Works

Somebody should do this on a website…

You have two dropboxes. They look something like this::

“click 1" " click 2”

You click the first box and you get one of the following…



Speaking In Public

Close spaces


The sight of blood


The number twelve

Being tickled

Joan and Melissa Rivers

Guys named “Larry”

And so on.

When you click on the second space, a word or phrase appears from this list:

On a train

In a movie theatre

On horseback

In a Buick

South of the border

Under the boardwalk

On Broadway

On a carousel

Somewhere in New Jersey

In a room with Ted Danson

Et cetera.

Then keep clicking until you get a combination that works for you.

Write a screenplay around it (this is the easy part)…

…and send that puppy to Samuel L. Jackson.

Then, just sit back and watch the money roll in.

You’re welcome.