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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

A Loathsome, Offensive Brute - Yet Somehow...

I see where the "hecklers" are now SUING Michael Richards (douchebag lawyer Gloria Allred is behind it - figures. As Phil Hendrie once noted, the most dangerous place in California is between Allred and a TV camera).

Let's make something clear: Richards' rant was inexcusable, but the hecklers were hardly the innocent victims they're made out to be. They're HECKLERS! By all rights, they should have been tossed out on their ears the minute they started acting up (any reputable, well-run comedy club would have done so without hesitation).

Look at it from the perspective of the other customers: you shell out your hard-earned dough to see a show, have a few laughs, only to have some brainstem across the room decide he's gonna show his friends at the table - along with everybody else in the room - how cool and he clever he is by vocally disrupting the proceedings (And no, don't give me that line of bullshit that it's all part of the comedy club experience; you wouldn't put up with that crap at a music concert: "Hey Sinatra! YOU SUCK!").

Hecklers are not cute. They're not clever. They obnoxious jerks who ruin it for everybody else.
Again, not that two wrongs make a right, but let's face it: hecklers are assholes...


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