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Monday, December 04, 2006

On His Sleeve He Wore A Yellow Crescent

In a time when the overwhelming majority of radio "commentators" take the easy way out by pandering to the proverbial "old people in their underwear" (thanks Jay Sorensen) it's refreshing to hear some truly compelling radio:

D.C. radio host Jerry Klein thought he'd play a hoax on his listeners by suggesting Muslims be identified with "a crescent-shaped tattoo or armband." He made the suggestion, then waited for the phone lines to explode with outrage.Unfortunately, many of his listeners agreed with him.

Hearing what happened next, I became convinced of two things:

1) Jerry Klein is a great broadcaster who knows better than most in the biz how to get a rise out of people in a fresh and original manner.

2) He probably doesn't have much of a future in the chickenshit medium of squawk radio.

Go here for the story and here for some comments.


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