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Friday, May 25, 2007

Sounds Like God Called In His Loan

Motivational author Robert Ringer offers further evidence that El Rushbo has lost it...

Livin' In Interesting Times (Radio Edition)

Interesting week in the world of spoken-word radio: the half-assed experiment that was Free FM has crashed and burned in New York and San Francisco, with other markets perhaps soon to follow (Meanwhile, the execrable “Jack” format gets yet another lease on life; go figure). The real tragedy of the format's failure (which did include some genuinely good, original programming) is how the mental midgets who run much of the industry will pronounce the demise of Non-Political Talk Radio, and grace us with more unlistenable shit like this

Thursday, May 24, 2007

I Like The Episode Where All The Weird Stuff Happens

Watched the season finale of Lost tonight (I kinda had to – I moonlight at a TV station and it was on all the monitors). As I understand it, Jack the doctor guy had a flashback where he was in L.A. hopped up on Oxylimbaugh while back on the island he had a run-in with Ben, the creepy leader of the Others, who made Jack think he’d killed a bunch of his friends, only he didn’t, and Locke comes back from the dead (sorta) to almost shoot Jack, then Hurley the fat guy runs over a couple of people, and the English rockstar guy gets killed, and then the flashback became a flashforward where we learn that Jack is screwed up because he’s homesick for the island…

In the immortal words of Bull Shannon: oooooooooooooooooh-kay…

Friday, May 18, 2007

Why I Am Not A Republican, Part XLVII

Suffice to say, Ron Paul should be his party's nominee for the top spot - for all the reasons it'll never happen...

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

On The Radio

Hey kids: do you love that Old-Time Rock 'n' Roll radio? Well, check out what two legendary stations are doing Memorial Day (the 28th): WABC-AM in New York presents its annual day-long salute to its days as a Top 40 giant; starting this year WLS-AM in Chicago will do the same.

It's a day of the music, the events and the personalities from each station. By all means listen if you can. WABC is audible around greater New York and much of the Northeast; you can get WLS around Chicagoland and the lower Midwest. Of course you could listen online, but for the true Classic Top 40 Experience there's nothin' like those AM speakers, static and all...

Thursday, May 03, 2007

One for the I-man

(I know, I know, but roll with me on this one. I have a personal take on the matter...)

So Imus hires a world-class lawyer and sues for $40 M. Here's the line that caught my attention:

"What stands out in the contract is he is supposed to be controversial and irreverent. That's what his statement about the Rutgers basketball team was," [CNN analyst Jeffery] Toobin said.

Not that my heart bleeds for the I-man, but there's a part of me - the part that thinks of guys I know in the radio biz (present company included) who have been hired to be "controversial" and "irreverent" on the air, and were later castigated, or worse, for doing exactly that...
That part of me roots for Imus big-time...

(Thanks to my pal Tim Cunningham for the lead on this one)