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Thursday, May 03, 2007

One for the I-man

(I know, I know, but roll with me on this one. I have a personal take on the matter...)

So Imus hires a world-class lawyer and sues for $40 M. Here's the line that caught my attention:

"What stands out in the contract is he is supposed to be controversial and irreverent. That's what his statement about the Rutgers basketball team was," [CNN analyst Jeffery] Toobin said.

Not that my heart bleeds for the I-man, but there's a part of me - the part that thinks of guys I know in the radio biz (present company included) who have been hired to be "controversial" and "irreverent" on the air, and were later castigated, or worse, for doing exactly that...
That part of me roots for Imus big-time...

(Thanks to my pal Tim Cunningham for the lead on this one)


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