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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A Not So-Joyful Noise, or: Ave Maria, Gee It's Good To See Ya

Proving once again that it has a serious problem with its priorities, the Vatican has announced a major effort to purge the church of...

...modern music...

Actually, I'm with His Holiness to a point. Let's face it: Christian rock sucks big-time. Folk Masses used to be kind of cool; now you get crap like this. Hank Hill said it best; Christian rock doesn't make Christianity better; it makes rock 'n' roll worse.

Gregorian chants, on the other hand, are pretty powerful stuff. No competition.

Still, I'd hate to see them throw out the baby with the holy bathwater. I for one would go to chuch every day just to hear music by these guys...


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