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Thursday, December 06, 2007

The End (Boooooooong) Of An Era

Funny the things you remember over the years...

"A friend of mine saw a car with Alabama plates, and a bumper sticker that read, 'Drive 80, and freeze a Yankee this winter…' ”

It was the fall of 1979, and I was the morning DJ at a long defunct Top-40 station in Chester, Pennsylvania. I used that one-liner over the intro of the then-recurrent The Devil Went Down To Georgia. The line came out of a free sample of a radio comedy service called Fruitbowl. The first of many lines from said publication.

It was also the start of a beautiful friendship.

Three decades, two wives, and countless broadcast jobs later, I’m sad to report that Fruitbowl (more recently known as One-To-One) is closing up shop forever. Times have changed and the proprietor, a gentleman named Jay Trachman, is moving on to other things.

I’ve never been one for tearful farewells, and in any event it’s not so much an end as a transition; Jay and I will still be pals (I hope) because our relationship transcends our respective lines of work.

So, to Jay I’ll just say what I always like to say to anyone going through any kind of serious life transition:

Onward…and upward…



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