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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Absolut In(s)anity

When I first caught this item earlier in the week, a coupla things went through my mind. First: Geez…talk about your non-stories…

Second: I must remember to avoid listening to any conservaclone talk radio this week (even more so than usual), lest I get an earful of the usual "Kitty bar the borders" crap.

I must say, thought I’d pretty much heard all the arguments, good and bad, on both sides of this issue. I was wrong.

Today at the Reason Hit & Run message board site, someone who calls him/herself simply “x, y” poses the following:

The immigration restrictionists say theres a secret plot to take back the southwest for Mexico. At the same time, the same people ALSO say theres a plot to unite Mexico, Canada, and the United States under one federal government. Seems like the two are mutually exclusive. Which is it?

Good question, guys; how about it (and no, “obviously you must hate America” is not an acceptable answer)…


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