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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

"Expelled" Gas

Ronald Bailey at Reason has a write-up on the new creationist propaganda movie Expelled (featuring the ever-insufferable Ben Stein). I haven't seen the movie in its entirety, but I did catch this trailer and knew right away we were in serious trouble when Stein posed the question, "but where did life come from in the first place?" (We then see the strawman "Darwinist" professor send poor, opressed Ben to the principal. How intolerant)...

Hello...the theory of evolution is not designed to address that question; it's about how life developed once it got here. How it got here is, pun intended, a whole different kettle of fish.

UPDATE: Scientific American columnist (and former creationist) Michael Shermer, who appears in the movie, gives his review here.

That the producers chose to ignore that inconvenient little fact shows they're either woefully misinformed or intellectually dishonest. You'll understand if I don't grant them the benefit of the doubt...


  • just saw Expelled; the fact that Ben Stein isn't trying to win any popularity contests helps to validate his message... his goal was to promote free thought, especially more thinking about motivations that drive American academia and a lot of other behind-the-scenes worldview that we tend to take for granted.

    By Anonymous patrick, at 3:11 AM  

  • Nothing can validate the message; it's fundamentalist propaganda, pure and simple. Giving Stein the benefit of the doubt, I'd guess he did it for the money.

    By Blogger Jim Walsh, at 4:28 AM  

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