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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Fallin' Through The Cracks

I've spoken before of how many talented personalities have gotten the shaft from the radio industry in years. In response someone on one of the message board sites I frequent posed the following:

I would be very interested to hear who some of these talented folks are who aren't getting a shot are. Local dudes? I'd love to hear some names, air-checks, let hear some of this talent.

Actually, that's a good idea; we should talk about some of the genuinely talented people out there whose broadcast careers have been strangled and aborted by the mechanics of the biz today. Modesty (ha ha) forbids me from touting myself, and I'll won't dwell on deceased talents like, say, Bob Lassiter, who would have fit this category in his sad, final years...

...so I'll start with one of my living, breathing favorites...

ED TYLL: My all-time favorite host. After several fruitful years in Orlando and Los Angeles, his radio career seemed to lose focus. Which is sad because every talk station in America should be banging on his door, offering him a truckload of dough to get him back behind a mike.

Last I heard, Ed was alive and well and doing voiceover and standup in the New York area. Ed doesn't need radio; the point is that radio needs him.


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