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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Port Whine

Before you get taken in by all the balloon-knots making a big stink about the port "controversy," you should read this:

Led by a disparate coalition of mindless opportunists, anti-Arab racists, and warmongering politicians, an effort to scare the American public into making a few ruthless "entrepreneurs" obscenely rich by giving them a virtual monopoly on America's port facilities shows every sign of apparent success.

I'm with Raimondo: it's a non-issue, nothing more than fodder for Big Labor, ignoramus talk show hosts (and their boobous listenership), and asshole demagogues like Hillary, Chuck Schumer and Tom “King Of All Douchebags” Tancredo, among others.

Oh yeah, and racists too...

UPDATE: Here's another good write-up on the (non) subject...


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