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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Bordering On Inanity (sic)

An open letter to my compatriots in "talk" radio...

Ya know how we talk about topics that are bad for spoken-word radio, like gun-control and abortion?

I would propose we add immigration to the list.

I've heard a lot of "talk radio" in the past few years, some good, mostly bad. Nearly every host I hear, local or syndicated, is talking in varying degrees about the "immigration problem," and every host who is talking about it is holding the same opinions on the subject, regurgitating the same talking points and interviewing the same handful of "experts."

It's ugly stuff and it panders to the fringes. More to the point, it makes for excruciatingly dull radio. Yet I'm beginning to wonder if there's a place in the industry for a host who isn't a Lou Dobbs clone on this "issue."

My modest proposal: an indefinite moratorium on the subject (Yeah, like that'll happen)...


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