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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Clash Of The Titan Egos

I didn't watch the O'Reilly/Geraldo clash.

I have no interest in watching the O'Reilly/Geraldo clash.

Actually, I did catch a few seconds of the trainwreck on one of the tabloid shows and saw it for what it was: a pair of self-promoting yo-yos-with-egos grandstanding for ratings. Even the hardcore BO fan (or hardcore Geraldo fan, if such an animal exists) has to admit there's a gratuitous quality to the whole affair.

All of which would be forgivable if there was anything even remotely entertaining about it.

What really saddens me is the number of my compatriots in the "talk radio" biz who will no doubt watch this silliness and decide to emulate it...


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