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Saturday, April 23, 2005

The Land Of Linkin'

I don't really have anything I wanna talk about right now (that of course is subject to change at any given moment) so for the time being, here are some of my favorite sites:

The Immigration Project
Articles and resources for those of us who still support the American Dream, even for folks who ain't white and Christian...

The Amazing Randi
Join his never-ending battle against all sorts of flim-flammery...

My Pal Sly
One of the most talented radio hosts working today.

Pro-Evolution Debating Points
Put those Darwin-bashers in their place!

Gerald Posner
The best investigative journalist around. His book on JFK's assassination is the definitive treatment on the subject...

Penn & Teller
P&T rock, and that's no bullshit!

Kinky Friedman
They ain't making Jews like Kinky anymore...

I'll add some more when I get good and ready. Enjoy...


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