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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Cuts Like A Knife

I caught a story on Tonight's Insider about a woman addicted to plastic surgery.

Screw her.

Are we really supposed to feel sorry for some self-indulgent little brat who's so screwed up that she feels the need to go under the knife repeatedly? I don't - any more than I feel sorry for anorexics. (I really don't get the idea behind addiction to surgery. Call me a coward but generally surgery is something I go out of my way to avoid, if at all possible.)

There's just something about the notion of having a guy slice you open and poke around in your innards for several hours while volatile gases keep you in a comatose state that's, well, unnatural.

However necessary surgery may be at times (and I'm certainly not totally adverse to elective or cosmetic surgery) , if you're addicted to it, then you've got some serious issues (and shame on the doctors who pander to these pathetic assholes).

If you've ever had an operation in your life (and I would guess that most of us have) consider the trauma to your system, the pre-op anxiety, the side effects of the anesthesia, the time lost at work/school, etc. Now consider that some people willingly go through that repeatedly just for minor cosmetic modifications. God - that is so wrong...

(You wanna know how screwed up Michael Jackson is? Get a load of that beezer. Get help, dude.)

And we're supposed to feel sorry for these people? I. Don't. Think. So.

If some spoiled, self-indulgent kid of mine got "addicted to surgery," trust me - I'd give 'em a reason to go to the hospital...


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