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Saturday, May 14, 2005

The F!#$&% Playground In My Mind

Looks like the government bluenoses, and their supporters, are ready to ratchet it up a bit. In this story from the Boston Phoenix, media critic Dan Kennedy suggests how content regulation could be extended to cable TV, satellite TV and radio, and even the Internet.

OK, folks – let me run this by you one more time:

When I was a little kid there was no South Park. There was no gangsta rap. The closest we got to porn was the occasional glimpse at a dogeared Tijuana Bible or a copy of Playboy that some neighborhood kid appropriated from an older sibling. We came, without exception, from religious families.

And I can tell you, most of us cussed like stevedores. Were we like Stan, Kyle and Cartman? No...we were worse. The point is, we all turned out OK. The problems we had in our lives had nothing to do with exposure to naughty bits or violence on TV.

It all worked out. It will work out - so everybody lighten the fug up, OK?


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