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Friday, April 29, 2005

From The Bully Pulpit

Tonight's Person Of The Week on ABC News was a fifteen year-old girl from Tennessee who had a hand in writing anti-bully legislation.

Leaving aside the question of just how the hell you enforce something like this, I have to say: this girl is one self-important little priss. No wonder she gets picked on - I kinda wanted to smack her across the back of the head myself!

No big surprise, she comes from a whole family of political activist types, so you definitely get that "we've got all the answers" vibe.

Look: I got picked on a lot as a kid; I know first-hand how ugly life can get in that Darwinian jungle known as public education. I also know first-hand that self-righteous posturing does nothing to help matters.

At the end of the report, Dizzy Miss Lizzie Vargas crowed, "...and Caitlin wants to be a lawyer."

Yeah...like that's a good thing...


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