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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

We Are Devo

In Kansas, they're ready to party like it's 1699:

"Evolution has been proven false. ID (Intelligent Design) is science-based and strong in facts."
-Kathy Martin, board member, Kansas Board Of Education

Intelligent Design my ass; it just the creationists’ sneaky way of making an end run around the separation of church and state (which as we all know is just one of those wacky ideas dreamed up by America-hating radicals like this guy and this guy).

The creationists have an simple strategy: they have about half a dozen basic "arguments," among them the "Blind Watchmaker" argument, the "What Good Is Half An Eye" argument, the "It's Just A Theory" argument, the "Second Law Of Thermodynamics" argument and a couple of others. By the time you get around to debunking all of the arguments (and they're all easily debunkable), they just start all over again with slightly re-worded versions of the same arguments.

Such is the state of discourse in the Sunflower State and elsewhere.

If I was Dorothy, I'd have stayed in Oz...


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