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Thursday, May 26, 2005

The Winnah, and Cham-peen of da Woild...

At one of the message board sites I frequent, there's a (naturally) anonymous poster who does little more than try and pick fights with people. No matter what anyone says about anything, if he's up (or down) to it, he'll use it as an excuse to sling a cheap shot. His comebacks are generally pretty lame, but that's not really the point.

The point is the guy's been at it for, as far as I can tell, over three years. Three years of haunting one website, looking for any excuse to start a pissing match and fighting a never-ending battle to get the last word in.

Whatever floats your boat, I suppose. I stopped letting the guy bug me long ago. One thing I've learned as I've begun my slide into the abyss of middle age is this: life goes a lot smoother when you learn to pick your battles.

So keep on postin', mystery dude. If taking cheap shots at people while hiding behind a pseudonym is how you justify your existence, fine. If winning to you means getting in the last word and showing all the viewers of said site (all twelve of them) just what a clever guy you really are, if that's your standard of winning, then congratulations...you're the winner.

Enjoy the victory party...


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