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Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Ghost Of Charlie Whitman, or: Who Are We To Say The Boy's Insane

In the wake of the Virginia Tech shooting, author Gary Lavergne remembers a similar incident in Texas. I especially like the following:

Before we identify and learn the lessons of Blacksburg, we must begin with the obvious: More than four dozen innocent people were gunned down by a murderer who is completely responsible for what happened...While we painfully learn our lessons, we must not treat each other as if we are responsible for the deaths that occurred. We must come together and be respectful and kind. This is not a time for us to torture ourselves or to seek comfort by finding someone to blame. ..as long as we value living in a free society, we will be vulnerable to those who do harm -- because they want to and know how to do it.

Kinky Friedman said pretty much the same thing in his own eloquent way...


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